Employment Services

Our Employment Services Department provides job-skills training, resume development, interview preparation, application assistance, and intensive job-coaching to people with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities(I/DD) who wish to obtain and maintain competitive employment.

We are a full-service department and we offer the following OPWDD Employment Services:

  • Pathway to Employment – This service offers an individualized planning process that helps individuals identify a career or vocational direction. Pathway to Employment also provides instruction and training in job readiness skills and develops a plan for achieving competitive, integrated employment at or above the New York State minimum wage. Within 12 months the outcome of this service is documentation of the participant’s stated career objective; a detailed career plan used to guide individual employment supports; and preparation for supported employment services.
  • Supported Employment –  Participants that already have employment experience are prepared to secure a paid position at minimum wage or above.  Job Coaching supports are provided to ensure our Participants are supported every step of the way. For more information or collaboration opportunities, please email us or contact Natalie Barback, Director of Employment Services (718) 815-0768 Ext. 5204  or email: nbarback@onyourmark.org
  • Employee Training Program (ETP) – ETP offers individuals an opportunity to work in an internship that will lead to permanent employment in the community. During the internship, wages are paid by the state while the individual learns the skills needed for the job. ETP participants also attend job readiness classes that present topics such as conflict resolution and how to dress for work. ETP services include increased job development and job coaching as well as assistance with other employability skills.
  • Community Pre-Vocational – People participate in activities specified in their Life Plan/Staff Action Plan that prepare them for employment, but which are not job task oriented. Services include support and training in behaviors related to following directions, attending to task, task completion, problem solving and safety and/or may focus on assisting the person to adjust to the productive and social relationship demands of the work place. The purpose of this service is habilitative, rather than teaching specific job tasks.

ACCES-VRAdult Career and Continuing Education Services – In addition to providing the above OPWDD services, On Your Mark has a contract to provide services through ACCES-VR, a division of the New York State Education Department.

On Your Mark works in collaboration with Staten Island businesses to offer a variety of employment opportunities to our Participants.  In addition, some of our Participants are employed at the On Your Mark Chocolatier and On Your Mark’s Novel-Tee’s Store.  For more information, please email us or contact Natalie Barback, Director of Employment Services (718) 815-0768 Ext. 5204  or email: nbarback@onyourmark.org