Camp Chill Away – FAQ

Camp Chill-Away is in Roscoe, NY off Route 17 West, Exit 92. It is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from Staten Island, with access to several rest stops along the route. Once you exit the highway, you cross over the Beaverkill River, drive up Chiloway Road, and in a few minutes, you will see a large lavender (soon to be painted) house on a sprawling green field.

Currently, Camp Chill-Away is for individuals in our Residential Program. This allows On Your Mark to provide a safe getaway for those individuals, one home at a time. Our Residential Program is so large that we expect to fill up approximately 70% of the calendar year, with some additional weeks to be used for fundraising. As time goes by and program restrictions lift, we plan to provide additional trips (both day and overnight) for Respite, Community Habilitation, and more!

Camp Chill-Away is funded by fundraising donations and private-pay. Similar to other Residential Vacations, individuals and their families contribute to the cost of the vacation with personal funds, having minimal impact on program budgets.

The idea of having a getaway space to call our own has always been a dream for the agency. Since the beginning, On Your Mark has provided opportunities for all individuals to access their community and the world around them, extending some vacations as far as the Caribbean, the West Coast, and Canada, to name a few. While those opportunities will be available again sometime in the future, we are happy to have this opportunity now! Just like a family that has the luxury of a second home, Camp Chill-Away is a second home for all of our residents! We have a space that can be maintained by our staff, where we can minimize exposure by scheduling trips of smaller sizes, and where we can safely get away from it all, avoiding large crowds common with airports, cruises and resorts

There is so much to do at Camp Chill-Away! From swimming in the pool, to hiking alongside the stream, to fishing in our pond; there are outdoor activities galore!

Indoors, we have karaoke songs to sing, instruments and board games to play, yoga and meditation classes to take, cooking and baking activities, and yes, there is a TV, too, but we’re here

to get away from that as much as possible! Instead, let’s have a movie night under the stars, on our inflatable projection screen! Come sit around the firepit and toast s’mores! Or, look up and try to catch some shooting stars!

Once you arrive at Camp Chill-Away, there are so many activities to do that you won’t even need to leave the site until it’s time to go home. If you do want to visit the main town, it’s only a 10 minute drive away. In Roscoe, there is a Farmers’ Market every Sunday until 2 pm, there’s a world-famous diner, ice cream parlor, and several museums (Railroad, Firehouse and Fly-Fishing), just to name a few of the local sites to see!

On Your Mark is proud to announce that Donna and Guy Durante will be the Chill-Away Caretakers. Donna is currently the Residence Manager of the Stafford Avenue Residence and has managed several On Your Mark residences over the last decade, building close ties with many of our individuals. She is a dedicated member of the On Your Mark family and brings her personal knowledge of the local area to our latest venture. Guy brings technical knowledge and skills to our site; he will manage the facility operations and systems, ensuring that our mountain home operates as smoothly as a Staten Island one! Having Donna and Guy on site full-time allows us to keep a careful eye on day-to-day happenings, and they provide an extra level of support to the qualified On Your Mark DSPs and Management that will be on each trip.

As the weeks move forward, keep an eye on your email and social media! We will be sending out and posting updates on trip opportunities as well as progress on special projects.

If you have any questions, you can email or call Jennifer Larsen, Senior Director of Quality Improvement or 718-720-9233 ext. 5033. She will also collect the list of interested parties, to share with the appropriate Program Directors for future trip planning.

We are hosting an Open House on June 5th.  We would love to see you there, for tours and refreshments. Please RSVP to Gina Savage ( Our team will provide tours to small groups throughout the event, and you are also welcomed to explore the grounds and enjoy the fresh country air! After spending time with us, feel free to visit the town of Roscoe, exit 94. We know you will have a wonderful Sunday drive!

If you are unable to join us for the housewarming, we will be offering additional in-person and virtual touring days in the near future, information on those dates will be included in our email and social media updates.