“I have received several e-mails from the Troop First Sergeants about how nice the new T-shirts are, and the Squadron Commander has said that everyone will wear them on a special PT run with their aviation support unit . You have helped me touch out to 520 young men and women who now know that they are a special group. They all thank ME, But, It is I who must thank you Thanks again for all of your help and the help of the [Novel-Tees] staff.”

- Van W.

“The muffins are a Home Run! They were finished in no time. Next time I will increase the order. Way to go! The Best! I have ever Had!”

- Stuart, Special Needs Family Planning Inc.

“It was such a pleasure to have your staff provide a beautiful lunch to our visiting military… It truly is a special memory for us… It is an honor to have On Your Mark on our team.”

- Vito Giobbie, Executive Director Diane Gerber, Public Relations Community Service Chairman Staten Island Fleet Week, Inc.

“I’m one of Ed Watkin’s students in the Rising Stars Basketball Association. Thank you very, very much for letting us use the court from me and the rest of the Rising Stars.”

- Mouhamad Gueye & The Rising Stars

“The Recent On Your Mark cruise to Bermuda was fabulous. Seeing Daniel and his On Your Mark buddies as their faces lit up with enjoyment was perhaps the most satisfying part of the trip.”

- The Lane Family

“This was a great experience seeing our kids mingling with society. I wish On Your Mark a lot of success because programs like this are very much needed and hard to get.”

- Angela Johnson

“Thank you for the generous donation that was given to help me with hurricane relief-at a time when it is needed most – words can not explain the gratitude I feel.”

- Maria Sariyan

“We can not begin to express what On Your Mark’s generosity has meant to us. This time after the hurricane has been difficult for us, but knowing we have support of people at On Your Mark certainly helps. Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts.

- Sue and Mike LaMagna

“In spite of all the possessions we lost during Hurricane Sandy, we found out who cared and came through the most. At the top of the list are the special staff and parents at On Your Mark. We couldn’t have progressed as well without you. You are in our hearts forever.

- Loretta, Robert & Michael Flaherty

“Yesterday morning around 8:45 I stopped in for breakfast at the On Your Mark Cafe and ordered a tuna sandwich to go and I was quite impressed with both the quality of the sandwich as well as the service. The sandwich was really well prepared and tasty and the service from all the staff was top notch and utterly professional. Please tell the staff thank you for the wonderful food and experience and to have a Merry Christmas and happy holidays!! Next time I am in Staten Island I will defiantly be stopping by to have some more amazing food! Keep up the good work!

- Jeremy Hague

“My greatest pleasure, was seeing how wonderfully our kids performed and the audience response to them. After the show and throughout the next day, I heard many compliments about them and even was approached by people who hadn’t seen them, but had heard about their performances and now want to come to see the show. My son and daughter, who did see them, were overwhelmed. Now, on to bigger and better!

- Pearl Minsky

“Thank you for putting a smile on my face!! I want to take this opportunity say thank you to all at On Your Mark for making my day bright and happy. My son and I had lunch at your restaurant a few weeks ago. We were welcomed, service was excellent and the food was awesome. We purchased a plant at the cafe also that reminds me everyday what a beautiful place the cafe is. To everyone at On Your Mark Cafe, thanks for making my day better with your smiles and providing a quiet, friendly sanctuary for me and my family to take a short break and get away from the not so pleasant world. YOU GUYS ROCK!!!

- Mary Furlong